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Life is simple at the south-western tip of Europe. On Portugal’s western Algarve, people live from fishing boat to table, men in woollen caps stand in the sun outside family-owned cafes lingering over espressos and cigarettes and it’s not unusual to see a horse-drawn cart amble by or a shepherd ushering his flock over a dusty hill.
Odeceixe Surf School is on the most unspoiled part of the western Algarve: the Costa Vicentina. This wild coastal nature reserve stretches from just north of Odeceixe, our home beach, to Sagres at the south-western tip of Portugal. It’s a coastal oasis of pristine beaches, sea cliffs, rocky coves and islands, wetlands and forested hills.


Odeceixe is a classic little Portuguese village. Just three kilometres from the beach, it’s quiet, authentic and has plenty to do when you’re not at the beach.

It’s right on the Rota Vicentina, a trekking trail that leads 350-kilometres north from Europe’s south-western tip. It’s perfect for day walks as well as shorter and longer hikes; you can choose to follow the coast on the Fisherman’s Trail or detour inland to visit villages on the Historic Path.

Odeceixe is also on the River Seixe; there’s a riverside walking path that leads to the beach.

The village itself has traditional tavernas specialising in seafood such as sardines, octopus and goose barnacles (a local delicacy). You can wander the town’s cobbled streets, check out the ancient windmill with canvas vanes or shop for locally made souvenirs such as olive-wood bowls, ceramic cups or hand-made baskets.

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We do surf lessons at four beautiful beaches in the western Algarve, all just a short drive from Odeceixe village.

The surfing conditions change with the wind, swell and tide every day, but we are constantly monitoring the conditions and will find the best beach for your level of experience. All these beaches are patrolled by lifeguards during the summer months.


It’s hard to believe beaches like Odeceixe still exist in mainland Europe. This isn’t just our home beach, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches on this stretch of coast with clean white sand and clear blue-green water. And because the River Seixe meets the sea here, you can rinse off the salt in fresh water after your surf.

It was even named one of the 10 best beaches in Portugal by Rough Guides in 2017.

Odeceixe is also one of the most sheltered beaches on the western Algarve, making it ideal for learning to surf.


This long beach of golden sand lies in a crescent-shaped cove sheltered by high sea cliffs, which give it some protection from the cold north wind. It’s a popular surfing beach and can get crowded during the summer months – but if we take you there, we’ll find a spot away from other surfers.

Getting to the beach is half the fun: down a twisting, turning road from the top of the sea cliffs to the beach, where you’ll find a couple of bars and restaurants.


The most untouched of all the local beaches, Amoreira has a real “get away from it all” vibe. It’s also one of the longest of the four beaches we use for surf lessons, offering a variety of surf breaks.

Amoreira lies at the mouth of the Aljezur River, which flows up the Amoreira valley and east to the town of Aljezur, forming a series of lagoons. Sand dunes provide shelter from the wind and at low tide, the water forms shallow pools where children can play safely.

Depending on the conditions, Amoreira is often a great beach to advance from catching whitewater to paddling onto “green” waves out the back.

Monte Clerigo

This is one of the most picturesque beaches in the area with its white-washed, red-roofed village spilling down the small hill at its southern end and a broad green valley extending inland.

You can access Monte Clerigo from the north side across the sand dunes or from the village where there are a few small cafes and restaurants.

It’s a family-friendly beach ideal for beginner surfers because of its typically small waves and because the sand dunes at the northern end of the beach offer some protection from the wind. At low tide you’ll find natural rock pools to swim in at the southern end of the beach.

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