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Prices and Booking


1 day Surf lesson

LS: October-June € 55
HS: July-September € 60

3 day Surf lesson

LS: October-June € 150
HS: July-September € 165

5 day Surf lesson

LS: October-June € 225
HS: July-September € 250

Additional Day

LS: October-June € 45
HS: July-September € 50

The surf days include:

  • Daily about 2.5 to 3 hours of water time, coaching/lessons
  • Spot introduction (dangers, rips, currents, paddle out/in)
  • Board and wetsuit
  • Transport to beaches only locals know about
  • Fully-qualified and friendly surf coaches
  • Sports insurance

Private Surf Lessons

Our private lessons give you one-on-one time with an instructor, where we can identify skills that need improvement. We can focus on green wave riding, paddling techniques, duck-diving, and advanced surfing manoeuvres etc. The choice is yours. Note: These lessons are best suited to beginner-intermediate to advanced surfers.

  • Lesson

    Individually designed 2 hour lesson from a qualified surf instructor.

  • Transport

    Transport to and from the west or south coast beaches (depending on sea conditions).

  • Equipment

    All equipment: surfboard, wetsuit, lycra etc.

  • Insurance

    Insurance to have you covered.


# Lessons1 Person2 People3 People
1 Lesson110€ 160€210€
2 Lessons220€320€420€
3 Lessons300€450€600€

Surfboard Rentals

Odeceixe Surf School have Surfboards come in different shapes, sizes, and specifications that improve your surfing experience. Surfboard selection should be based on your size, ability, and location and not just on looks alone. Beginners might want to start with a lightweight board with better control and maneuverability. Experienced surfers might want a surfboard made for speed, while advanced surfers might look for boards designed for competitions and overall performance. The experts at Odeceixe Surf School will guide you in the right direction and help pick the perfect board for you.

Wetsuits Quiksilver and Roxy

In winter we have 4/3 mm wetsuits so that you can stay more time in the water. On summer time we have 3/2 mm wetsuits so that you fill comfortable and light.

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental1/2 Day1 Day3 Days7 Days
Surfboard20€ 25€60€100€

What if i damage the board?

Surfboards are fragile and we understand that accidents happen. If you damage the board, you will be liable for it. We have a detailed price list of what different damage costs to get repaired.
No need to worry too much about damages. It is the same situation as if you surf your own board. If you damage your own board, you will go to the shaper and pay for the repair. That exact same fee will be asked from you if you damage our boards. In case of broken boards we apply a “you break it – you buy it” policy.

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Odeceixe Surf Camp | Algarve Portugal
Odeceixe Surf Camp | Algarve Portugal
Odeceixe Surf Camp | Algarve Portugal
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